• The Advanced Search allows users to query results from multiple projects using a combination of filters
  • Logical search is executed linearly from top to bottom
  • CYCLoPs
    • Cutoff values used to query for significant Localization Scores can be found in Document S1. Supplemental Experimental Procedures - Table S7 (Chong et al., 2015)
    • When filtering by Localization Score, Vacuole and Vacuole Periphery compartments are listed as separate options as they have their own cutoff values. However, on the result table, we show the combined LOC-score of both compartments.
    • When filtering by Localization Score, selecting any of the AF screens will search for the top 200 proteins.
    • Localization Change data for Alpha Factor (AF) DeepLoc screens can be found in Table EV1 (Kraus et al., 2017)
    • To select multiple screens, hold down the Ctrl key and click on multiple items

QUERY = (cyclops-locscore-vacuole-WT1 OR cyclops-locscore-vacuole periphery-WT1) AND endocytosis-phenotype-class E