Endocytic Compartment Morphology

Single cell analysis of endocytic compartment morphology in mutant backgrounds
(Mattiazzi Usaj et al., 2020)


Automated analysis of protein localization and abundance for the yeast ORF-GFP collection following treatment with different chemicals and in mutant backgrounds
(Chong et al., 2015) (Kraus et al., 2017)


Protein Image-based Functional Annotation
(Razdaibiedina et al., 2024)

Cell Cycle Omics

Cell cycle-specific analysis of protein localization and abundance, with gene expression and translational efficiency
(Litsios et al., 2024)

Proteome dynamics and Btn2 inclusion formation

Time-course analysis of morphology for 22 subcellular compartments in temperature-sensitive mutants of yeast essential genes

Single-cell analysis of morphology for 18 subcellular compartments in mutant backgrounds