Supplemental Files
  • TableEV1.xlsx
  • TableEV2.xlsx
  • TableEV3.xlsx
  • TableEV4.xlsx
  • TableEV5.xlsx
  • TableEV6.xlsx
  • TableEV7.xlsx
  • TableEV8.xlsx


Additional Files
  • For each screened gene, we built a profile with its 17 specific phenotype fractions (phenotype fraction data is provided in Table S2). For genes with several screened alleles, we used the mean specific phenotype fraction across alleles (Additional file 1). For each pair of genes we calculated the Pearson correlation coefficient (PCC) between their profiles (Additional file 2). Strains with incomplete profiles (missing data for any of the 4 markers) were excluded from the analysis (Additional file 3).

  • File with 18 columns: ORF, fractions for 17 mutant phenotypes

  • File with 3 columns, without header: ORF1 | ORF2 | PCC

  • List of ORFs that have been deleted from SGD and were excluded from the gene feature enrichment analysis.

  • training_sets.tar.gz